My name is Greg Roberts and I have come back to academia relatively late in life, attaining a Masters Degree with Distinction from Queen Mary, University of London in 2009. For the past 12 years I have worked alongside my wife Geraldine Roberts MA (Dist) researching the history of Wanstead House, a fabulous mansion once considered the ‘English Versailles’. At the present time I am still at Queen Mary working on a Ph.D based on ‘Wicked William’ Long-Wellesley (1788-1857), who is the all-round ‘baddie’ responsible for the loss of Wanstead House. Via this process I seem to have become something of an expert on the Wellesley family and have presented papers at the Wellington Congress (2010 and 2013), the Georgian Group and various other events. Geraldine has not been idle, having just completed a book drawn upon our research. My long-term aim is to publish a definitive account of the rise and fall of Wanstead House, but this will have to wait until my thesis is complete!!

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